How do I change the temperature measurement between Fahrenheit and Celcius?

In the VeryFitPro app connected to the watch go to the User Settings then System Settings, and you will find the option under Unit Settings.

The amount of usage I get out of the battery always changes. Why?

The watch has a standby time of approx 7 days, but with every hour of sustained exercise the battery will deplete by approx 1 day.

The watch data is no longer syncing with Apple Health or Google Fit.

If the activity tracking on the watch is no longer being recorded on Apple Health or Google Fit then you may need to unpair the watch from the VeryFitPro APP then re-connect it. Please also make sure you allow all permissions for the VeryFitPro APP.

When clearing notifications from my phone, they are still showing on the watch.

The watch is only able to interface with your phone via the VeryFitPro APP, so notifications on the watch and phone will need to be dismissed separately.

When I start exercising, why are my first few steps not being recorded?

To extend battery life the watch will only start tracking sustained activity after approx 90 seconds.